Scrap Management Quiz

  1. How much do you know about your scrap streams at all of your locations?

  2. Are you getting a fair return? How do you know?

  3. Are there better and more efficient ways to handle your scrap to reduce labor, maintenance and equipment costs?

  4. Do your people have the time, resources or expertise to effectively manage your scrap program?

  5. Do you trust your local scrap dealers?

  6. Are you getting timely and complete data on your scrap program from each site?

  7. Is the data you receive easily comparable across all sites?

  8. Are you happy to recoup whatever you can from something no longer of use to you?

  9. Are you keeping up with regional, domestic and international scrap metal market trends?

  10. Do you have access to global markets for your scrap?

  11. Do you think you are leaving money on the table with your scrap?

  12. If you can’t answer all, some or any of these questions –don’t worry. We can. We do it everyday for all of our customers and we’ll do it for you. Scrap is our business; it is our passion and our livelihood. You strive to optimize your product cycle, let us strive to maximize your scrap program.

Commodity prices fluctuate day to day, month to month. Our strength comes in knowing the market and being nimble enough to react to it. With a long history of executing trade and counter-trade all over the continent, we have the unique ability to leverage our prominence in the market to achieve greater returns for our customers.