Program Evaluation & Design

In today’s fiercely competitive manufacturing environment, companies are always looking for an edge while in a constant battle with ever increasing labor costs.  As technology continues to advance and become more and more complex, it is paramount for plant managers, engineering and maintenance departments to maintain their focus on production without being bogged down with the cumbersome details associated with scrap management.  However, with commodity costs remaining high, organizations simply cannot ignore their scrap metal assets, and in order to remain competitive, it is imperative that their scrap metal units are professionally managed and monitored. 

With this in mind, Labrador is well positioned to create efficiencies for its clients both in terms of optimal workforce utilization and maximum returns on scrap value.   During our initial consultation we will provide you with recommendations on how to best handle and segregate your scrap for optimal returns. However, it doesn’t end there; we will routinely reevaluate your program to ensure that you are always achieving the best possible returns.